Tips & Preventive Maintenance

We always recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular maintenance. Check your Owner’s Manual for your vehicles suggested maintenance schedule.

However, here are some simple tips that can help prevent some issues in the future;

  1. Oil changes every 3,000-5,000 miles (depending on your oil grade) is always recommended, but the occasional check of your oil dipstick is a good idea, just to make sure your levels are correct and the oil showing on the dipstick isn’t too dark.
  2. Fluid checks are also a good preventive measure, as brakes, power steering, transmission, anti-freeze and windshield washer solvent are all usually clearly marked in your Owner’s Manual, and easily checkable on most models.
  3. Checking your tires air pressure is also a quick thing that can help you get the most life out of your tires. The manufacturer’s suggest a tire size and Pressure per Square Inch (PSI) in the Owner’s manual.
  4. We find that Air filters, Hoses and Engine Belts are easy to visually inspect, and replacement at the first sign of wear can save you a lot of headache!
  5. Always have windshield wipers with proper rubber! This is a cheap fix that can really improve your vision on rainy and snowing days!
  6. Batteries are easy to test and replace before they become a problem! This is the most important fix before a cold Michigan winter!